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  After so much time and effort in these meetings,you convince management to move this project to a different site outside town.This is an example of which of the following risk responses?
  Passive acceptance
  Active acceptance
  A portion of the project work is sourced from external sources,the project team makes the purchase plan and sends out a proposal invitation to multiple vendors,the team obtains inquiries about the work from the potential suppliers,and what the project team should do to provide responses to potential suppliers.
  Send a separate reply to each supplier
  Assign individual contacts to each vendor in the project team
  Revised proposal invitation to include responses to all questions and distribute to all
  Convene a meeting of bidders to clarify all suppliers'issues
  The project selection committee must make a choice between project A and Project B,project A has an investment return period of 21 months,the cost of Project B is$175000,the expected positive cash flow for the first year is$75000,and the positive cash flow for each quarter is 50000 USD,which should the project manager choose?
  Project A or project B,as two project investment return periods
  Project B because the investment return period for project A is longer
  Project A,because Project B has a longer investment return period
  After a make-or-buy analysis,the project manager decided to outsource the deliverables that included in the work breakdown structure(WBS).Which of the following should the project manager do next?
  Remove deliverables from the WBS that will be outsourced.
  Maintain in the WBS the deliverables that will be outsourced.
  Create another WBS includes only the deliverables that will be outsourced
  Don’t change anything of the WBS until the outsourcing provider is selected
  During a new project development project,a team member discovers a tool help to increase the development the speed,and reports this to the project manager performs on analysis and finds that implementing this new tools development phase by 20%and save 10%of the project cost.What should the project manager do next?
  recognize the team member and keep current schedule
  set up a change control board meeting to discuss the change
  Record the new tool for improving future project
  update the project schedule and add buffer time to other taste
  In a cost plus fixed fee contract,how can the fee change?
  You have always been asked by your management to cut your project estimate by ten percent after you have given it to them.The scope of your new project is unclear and there are over 30 stakeholders.Management expects a 25 percent reduction in downtime as a result of the project.Which of the following is the BEST course of action in this situation?
  Re-plan to achieve a 35 percent improvement in downtime.
  Reduce the estimates and note the changes in the risk response plan.
  Provide an accurate estimate of the actual costs and be able to support it.
  Meet with the team to identify where you can find lo percent savings.
  The project team seems to like to argue;they have argued about everything.Luckily the project manager has set in place a reward system and team building sessions that will help and encourage the team to cooperate more.The latest thing they are arguing about is if they should complete a work package themselves or outsource the work to someone else.What part of the procurement process must they be in?
  Control Procurements
  Plan Procurement management
  Conduct Procurements
  Close Procurements
  This seller has a good record in terms of schedule and cost performance,and your working relationship with this seller is excellent.Your current project,although somewhat different from previous projects,is similar to other work the seller has performed.In this situation,to minimize your risk you should award what type of contract?
  Fixed-price with economic price adjustment
  Fixed-price incentive(firm target)
  Cost-plus-award fee
  The project manager notices that project activities being completed by one department are all taking slightly longer than planned.To date,none of the Activities/work packages have been on the critical path,nor have they affected the critical chain planning that has occurred.The project manager is bothered by the critical chain problem,since four of the next five critical path activities are being completed by this department.After making three calls,the project manager is finally able to converse with the department manager to determine what is going on.The conversation is slow,because both speak different native languages and they are trying to converse in French,a shared language.To make communication easier,the project manager frequently asks the department manager to repeat back what has been said.The department manager communicates that his staff is following a company policy that requires two levels of testing.During the conversation,the department manager also makes a comment
  After defining the project scope statement the team is ready to proceed with other project activity.The team members request the project manager to provide education about activities and outcomes for the next project session.What should the project manager do next?
  list the project constraints that limit the team options to update project documents
  collects the requirement to create the requirements resource
  sequence the activity list to estimate the activity resources
  A project is in the middle of execution.The project is running behind schedule and faces cost overruns.During this period,the customer requests a change to existing requirements.The project manager should do which of the following action?
  Discuss with the team member whether or not the change can be accommodated in
  the current release.
  Start to immediately work on the change to save time and cost.
  Ensure that the change is documented and the formal change process is followed.

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