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  Analyze the cost and schedule impact and inform the customer.
  The project manager observes that some project team,members begin to work together and adjust work habits,however,they do not trust each other.The project manager may conclude which of the following about the team?
  it is in the norming stage of development and will most probably move on the
  performing stage.
  It is in the norming stage of the development and will most probably slip back to the
  storming stage.
  It is in the storming stage of development and will most probably move on to the
  norming stage.
  It is in the storming stage of the development and will most probably slip back to the
  forming stage,
  A new project manager works with a project team comprised of senior technical staff.During the establishment of project governance,the new project manager anticipates that there will be resistance from the senior technical staff.What should the project manager do next?
  Establish roles and responsibilities for the project team members.
  Establish and agree on project staff assignments.
  Establish a work breakdown structure.
  Establish and agree on team operating rules.
  Project A is being administered using a matrix form of organization.The project manager reports to a senior vice president who provides visible support to the project.In this scenario,which of the following statements best describes the relative power of the project manager?
  The project manager will probably not be challenged by project stakeholders.
  In this strong matrix,the balance of power is shifted to the functional line managers.
  In this tight matrix,the balance of power is shifted to the project manager.
  In this strong matrix,the balance of power is shifted to the project manager.
  Which technology is usually used in identifying risks?
  During project execution,the customer indicates that there will be limited access to the test facility due to several concurrent projects.This change may lead to schedule delays.To minimize the negative impact,what should the project manager do next?
  Advise the customer about schedule creep.
  Check the risk register for approved corrective actions.
  Perform a risk analysis.
  Update the project schedule according to this change.
  The actual cost of phase I is US$55,000,because additional resource skill sets were required to complete both deliverables I and 2.The deliverables and quality of the project are non negotiable.Before the opening of phase II occurs,what should the project manager do?
  Ensure there is a change management document approving the additional US$20.000
  to the budget
  Validate the project plan for phase it’s resource requirements
  Determine how US$20,000 will be cut from phase II phase III
  Determine which deliverables from phase II of phase 3 the stakeholders should
  A project manager is asked to perform a cost-benefit analysis for two potential Project A costs US$1.2billion.With potential benefits of US$6 billion and future US$1.5 billion.Project B costs US$1.4 billion,with potential benefits of US$7 billion and future US$1 billion.Which project should the project manager recommend?
  Project B;the potential benefits minus the costs to implement are greater calculation
  for project
  Project A;the cost to implement is less than project
  Management has promised you part of the incentive fee from the customer if you complete the project early.While finalizing a major deliverable,your team informs you that the deliverable meets the requirements in the contract but will not provide the functionality the customer needs.If the deliverable is late,the project will not be completed early.What action should you take?
  Provide the deliverable as it is.
  Inform the customer of the situation and work out a mutually agreeable solution.
  Start to compile a list of delays caused by the customer to prepare for negotiations.
  The project manager discusses it with stakeholder and they agree to the suggested changes.What should the project manager do next?
  Create subsidiary documents in the communications management plan.
  Generate a change request and submit it to the change control board.
  Keep the project plan as it has been approved by stakeholders.
  Change the communications plan and request stakeholders’approval.
  Consolidate all the documents and use them as input to the project charter.
  Concentrate on the most important documents and use only these documents as
  Use the technique of expert judgment to assess all of the input documents
  Use an Ishikawa diagram to caudate the documents
  involving activities that the organization has never done before.You find that the project has what appears to be adequate documentation,including an agreed-to project charter,project management plan,WBS,etc,The project is on schedule and within budget.However,the atmosphere in meetings with the project members often seems tense,and
  offhand comments made by participant seem to indicate a high level of dissatisfaction with the project.You review all of the major project documents with the key stakeholders and get agreement that they are still accurate,but this does not seem to solve the problem.What is the MOST likely explanation for this situation?
  There are personality conflicts among the project team members that you need to
  uncover and resolve.
  The project does not have an effective sponsor and thus is not viewed as a high
  Stakeholders have very different expectations about what the project is supposed to
  A PMP’s company is trying to establish a PMO.The PMP’s boss asks them to instruct possible new project managers on how to create a project charter.What will be the PMP’s MOST APPROPRIATE response?

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